OVB #4

Globus Theatre Main Hall, Kamenskaya street 1, 630099 Novosibirsk Map
Tickets: 1000 – 1500 RUB


19:00 22:00

The Globus Main Hall is overtaken by the stunning sound and laser show by frequent CTM collaborator Robert Henke, known internationally for his peerless Monolake productions. An exploration of the synchronicity and divergence of light and darkness and a platform for contrast between slow movements and sudden bursts of motion and noise, his work »Lumière II« showcases refined expertise. During the performance, Henke commands powerful lasers to draw repeating shapes, ephemeral objects, and ultra short pulses of light to create an improvised dialogue in which shapes create sonic events and vice versa.

Henke's performance follows an experimental live set by DJ and producer Dasha Rush, whose ties to both Russia and Berlin (she was born in the former and lives in the latter) make her a valuable contribution to a celebration of these two countries' musical connection. Rush's saturnine and subterranean sounds have garnered her international respect.

Foresteppe, who hails from nearby Berdsk, kicks off the evening with one of his tape folk live sets, set against old Siberian diafilms.


Robert Henke[DE]

Alongside the peerless, timeless Monolake releases on Chain Reaction, Robert Henke is well-known for the music he has been creating under his own name since the early 90s: ambient, experimental soundscapes featuring material developed from or intended for an installation or performance in a particular space.


Egor Klochikhin is an experimental folk musician, performer and history lecturer from Berdsk, a small town next to Novosibirsk. His creative works, which evoke an idealized Russian past, are filled with field recordings, colorful instrumentation, cellophane static and sampled Russian monologues.

Dasha Rush[RU]

Dasha Rush is Russian-born but a citizen of the world. Combining her activities as a techno producer with releases on her own Fullpanda label and recently on Raster Noton, a busy DJ schedule, and multi-artistic collaborations alongside artists and dancers, Rush puts forth a mixture of rather rare techno experimentation and synthesized sounds most akin to the brief movement of underground music whose roots partially extend back to the early 20th century and rise through significant art movements to the present.

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