TLK #4

Novosibirsk State Scientific Library, Sovetskaya street 6, 630007 Novosibirsk Map
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19:00 20:00

Robert Henke in conversation with Jan Rohlf

CTM director Jan Rohlf sits down with longstanding festival affiliate Robert Henke. Known internationally for his peerless Monolake productions, Henke’s creative output is fortified by his expertise in engineering: he spent three years at Berlin’s esteemed Dubplates & Mastering studio, worked as a lecturer in sound design at the Sound Studies department of the Berlin University of the Arts, and develops his own instruments and algorithms.

Most famously, Henke co-developed Ableton Live, a music software that since its first release in 2001 significantly changed the ways music gets produced and performed. He's also the mastermind behind “Lumière II,” a stunning, improvised light and laser show that will be presented on Friday, September 18 at the Globus Main Hall.

In their conversation, Henke and Rohlf will discuss his current projects, his approach towards machines, the relation between aesthetic and technological innovation, the future of live computer music and more. 


Robert Henke[DE]

Alongside the peerless, timeless Monolake releases on Chain Reaction, Robert Henke is well-known for the music he has been creating under his own name since the early 90s: ambient, experimental soundscapes featuring material developed from or intended for an installation or performance in a particular space.

Jan Rohlf[DE]

Jan Rohlf is the founder of CTM Festival and one of the current artistic directors.

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