OVB #9 – Finale

LPSHBR, Lenina street 6 K.1, 630099 Novosibirsk Map
Tickets: 300 – 500 RUB


15:00 22:00

CTM Siberia’s Grand Finale warms up with DJ sets by the unpredictable Morphine label head Rabih Beaini, trance deconstructionist Lorenzo Senni, and a live set by Space Holiday Rocks, (the dance floor moniker of Mårble), before Hamburg native and Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff takes over the decks.

Hauff's mixture of dirty acid, Chicago house, and new/cold wave carbonizes dance floors worldwide with devastatingly on-point dexterity. Joining the event are local DJ community Re_play. A DJ set by Buttechno, who also appears the previous evening at the Globus Main Hall, closes the evening – and the CTM Siberia festival.



Re_play is one of Novosibirsk’s leading local deejays community, dropping house and techno parties for almost ten years. Founded by Alex Luter & Marcello.

Lorenzo Senni[IT]

Lorenzo Senni is a Milan-based composer and multidisciplinary artist. With research including algorithmic methods in the arts, Senni investigates the mechanisms of dance music and releases are dedicated to the deconstructions of the sounds of trance and hard techno rave culture of the 1990s. He is the head of experimental music label Presto!?.

Rabih Beaini[LB/DE]

A Lebanese-born producer best known for his grainy, imaginative techno as Morphosis, Rabih Beaini’s genuine musical ability and a range of influences from krautrock to new wave to folk music seep into his inventive, dark, and emotional productions. Increasingly steering clear of the techno realm in order to explore improvisation and new configurations such as with his Upperground Orchestra, Beaini retains an ongoing fascination with sound synthesis.

Space Holiday Rocks[RU]

Space Holiday Rocks, or simply SHR, is one of the myriad projects of Novosibirsk-born Anton Glebov. As an artist and a musician he plays a hyperactive role in Echotourist community, runs his own cassette label Hair.del and acts as driver for Siberian underground culture. Glebov will also appear in the festival as Mårble.


Buttechno is Pavel Milyakov, a young music producer from the Moscow suburbs and one of the local rising underground scene's leading voices. He runs John’s Kingdom, a local community and label advocating anonymity («untitled united») and an anti-ego approach in music as fundamental principles of creativity.

Helena Hauff[DE]

Helena Hauff has an aptitude for carbonizing dancefloors, cutting from dirty acid, Chicago house, and new/cold wave with devastatingly on-point dexterity. The Hamburg native honed her skills as a resident at the infamous Golden Pudel club, where she runs her own night, Birds and Other Instruments.

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