Mårble is one of Novosibirsk-born Anton Glebov’s many projects. As an artist and a musician, he plays a hyperactive role in Echotourist community, runs his own cassette label Hair.del and acts as key player in the Siberian underground culture.

Glebov’s recordings are often purely improvised and unedited, but from time to time his releases go through the process of additional production (to which the ears of general public is bound so tightly, thanks to cultural industries). The american label Sacred Phrases, which released Mårble’s only recording to date, paints the following picture: «Unhurried rhythm flavors sultry soundscapes to convey a rainforest atmosphere. Sawing leads swell swamped bass. Drift into the dampened dance and humid vocals». Mårble’s prompt but hypnotic spell merges primordial sound characters with irresistible anglo-saxon pragmatism. Glebov will also appear at the festival as Space Holiday Rocks

OVB #6

Globus Theatre Small Hall, Sat 19.09.2015, 16:00

HMOT & Roman Stolyar, Mårble, VJ Haust