OVB #5

RAGU Cafe, Krasny Prospect street 17/1, 630099 Novosibirsk Map
Tickets: 400 – 600 RUB


22:30 05:00

Love Cult
Electric Indigo
Nikita Bugaev & VJ Haust "Human Controlled Live Installation" (2nd room)

A late-night showcase of new club sounds continues on Friday night at RAGU Cafe.

Following a performance in Krasnoyarsk, Love Cult bring their unique sonic signature of cut-up vocals, throbbing bass, mangled drum machines, and decomposed Russian TV and VHS samples to the bill. Appleyard returns with his bass-heavy techno grooves, and Novosibirsk's own Ferrein performs a live set. One of the key players in Russia's electronic music scene, Mujuice takes the stage next, followed by longtime composer, DJ, activist, and female:pressure founder Electric Indigo, closing out the night with one of her imaginative DJ sets.

Another room at RAGU houses an installation by Nikita Bugaev. Bugaev's piece is a multi-hour, generative electronic music piece sculpted and channeled by the artist's own live interventions.


VJ Haust[RU]

Dasha Guseva is a graphic designer and VJ from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Nikita Bugaev[RU]

Nikita Bugaev, a sound designer from Irkutsk (a town near Lake Baikal, the world's oldest and deepest freshwater lake), constantly finds himself in the gray area between music and sound art. Using Max/MSP and programmed Monome devices (Aleph and Grid) for his sound installations, Nikita also composes music. His debut tape, a set of 19 short and precise drone soundscapes, was released with the Danish label Phinery in early 2015.

Electric Indigo[AT]

Vienna-born Susanne Kirchmayr, known as Electric Indigo, is a composer, DJ, and musician with a career spanning two decades. Currently focusing on multi-channel installations that emphasize subtly elaborated sounds generated from speech recordings, she is also founder of female:pressure, an international network for female artists in the field of electronic music.


Ilya Ferrein is a young Novosibirsk-based musician. He creates clear, dreamy, and reduced dub atmospheres interspersed with little euphoric moments of magical melodies.

Love Cult[RU]

Love Cult, a Russian duo, are aficionados of all things troublesome, distressed and emotional: northern technology; dark electronica; obsessive techno; militant house; noise pop.


Mujuice is the musical alias of Roma Litvinov, a Russian musician, songwriter, film score composer, visual artist, designer. Mujuice is a Moscow-based artist who is at the forefront of electronica in Russia. In his music, he skillfully combines the robotic glitches of modern electronic music with dense layers of natural sounds


Despite the Siberian electronic underground’s extremely short history, the small scene has nourished its own veterans. Sergey Dyomin aka Appleyard is among them. In his early days at the mixing deck at the age of fifteen in remote Lesosibirsk, he could barely have imagined himself preparing his first solo release on the experimental cassette label Klammklang ten years later and 300 kilometres south in Krasnoyarsk.

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