TLK #5

Novosibirsk State Scientific Library, Sovetskaya street 6, 630007 Novosibirsk Map
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14:30 15:30

Electric Indigo in conversation with Jan Rohlf

Electric Indigo is a veteran DJ and activist whose two-decade-long production career has arced from techno to electro-acoustic and multi-channel sound works. Her female:pressure project – an international network for female-identifying artists – aims to increase visibility of women working in the field of electronic music, and earned her an Honorary Mention at the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2009.

Indigo sits down with CTM Festival director Jan Rohlf to discuss both the ongoing gender imbalances in the music scene and her own artistic evolution. Later in the day, she returns to the stage with experimental live set at Globus Main Hall, presented alongside works from Moscow's Buttechno and raster-noton co-founder Byetone.


Electric Indigo[AT]

Vienna-born Susanne Kirchmayr, known as Electric Indigo, is a composer, DJ, and musician with a career spanning two decades. Currently focusing on multi-channel installations that emphasize subtly elaborated sounds generated from speech recordings, she is also founder of female:pressure, an international network for female artists in the field of electronic music.

Jan Rohlf[DE]

Jan Rohlf is the founder of CTM Festival and one of the current artistic directors.

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