Opium Hum


Opium Hum aka Michail Stangl – CTM co-curator, one of the people behind Boiler Room Berlin, co-organiser of the Leisure System parties and label, and all round progressive force on the Berlin club scene – nourishes his DJ sets on sombre, hazy drones and fantastical soundscapes permeated by deep and shifting rhythms to create what can only be called a wide-awake dream.

Opium Hum is supported by CTM Festival's Berlin Current initiative. 

TLK #1

UIClub, Fri 11.09.2015, 17:00

Opium Hum / Michail Stangl in conversation with Vasily Yurchenko.

KJA #1

UIClub, Fri 11.09.2015, 20:00

Kathy Alberici & Federico Nitti, Rabih Beaini, Chekhov, Opium Hum, VJ Haust