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11:00 18:00

Workshop with GRÜN / Daniele De Santis

Driven by an enlightening first encounter with electromagnetism and its enormous potential as an engine for sound generation and physical automation, Daniele De Santis' GRÜN project is all about composing electronic music by ways of electrical circuit design. At the project’s core thus lies the constant research into the development of sound synthesis modules by way of recycling old electronic components, which makes GRÜN also a project about the idea of a more environmentally sustainable electronic music production.

Focusing on electromagnetism as an expression of life, the Homegrown workshop introduces into fundamental principles underlying electro-acoustics and circuit electronics while unveiling the philosophical and physical elements that inform GRÜN's machines.

An explanation of the most common electronic components and integrated circuits will provide the theoretical knowledge to comprehend the working principles of an oscillating circuit. On a practical level, the workshop will allow participants to assemble their own oscillators as a first step for further experimentation.

Maximum participants: 10
Registration is required via the following online form.


GRÜN / Daniele De Santis is supported by Initiative Musik. He is also a participant in CTM's Berlin Current initiative.



Daniele De Santis is a Berlin-based percussionist, drummer, and electronic music producer from Bari, Italy. Grounded in a wide range of studies concerning jazz drums, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern percussion, electronic music, and sound engineering, his work takes shape as a varied series of musical experiences driven by spontaneous multi-instrumentalism and an eclectic attitude.

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