KP Transmission


«Lo-fi industrial, aggro illbient and intelligent noise»—these are the words Karina Kazaryan uses to describe her hazy, grainy and psychedelic compositions. Born in Georgia in 1988, she spent her whole childhood in and was heavily influenced by the darkest suburbs of Siberia's Omsk.

Whether performing solo as KP Transmission or playing along with her sister Lucy in the noise band Fanny Kaplan, Karina's creative works sound murky and chthonic and contain a vague feeling of uneasiness. The visual component of KP Transmission is also very important: naive, unedited home videos filmed in one shot play a special role in constructive a narrative of «visual blues».

OVB #3

Globus Theatre Small Hall, Fri 18.09.2015, 16:00

Voronmrak, KP Transmission, Lorenzo Senni