Different sounds form chords in layers, and melodies come and go. Beats and bass pump in sync; meanwhile someone with a guitar sings in front of his laptop. It’s chamber music in the club. It's like building an observatory in your head or the head of your friend; dancing while sleeping.

Dyad is an word from ancient greek philosophy meaning “double position”. With this term, dialectical ambiguity is put into a strict frame of formal logic. The solo project of Evgeny Gavrilov reflects this meaning. Taking a leading role in Siberian electronic scene as an active protagonist of the "Echotourist" community, Evgeny is also a member of the shoegaze act FPRF and a Red Bull Music Academy participant. Evgeny has always tried to make things independently; he seeks a boundless kingdom of self in which music can be imagined without any disruptive contextual influences. Evgeniy and FPRF bandmates The Sleepers Club will affect a dreamy state and fill the club with myriads of percussions and an idealistic view of the future.

OVB #1 – Kick Off

Novosibirsk State Scientific Library, Mon 14.09.2015, 18:30

Dyad & The Sleepers Club, GRÜN, VJ Haust