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Novosibirsk State Scientific Library, Sovetskaya street 6, 630007 Novosibirsk Map
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13:00 16:00

Workshop / master class with Arthur House and Igor Zinatulin of the Calvert Journal

CTM Siberia media partner The Calvert Journal – an English-speaking online guide to contemporary culture from Russia and Eastern Europe – has developed a specialist master-class for music bloggers and journalists working in digital media.

The course brings together some of The Calvert Journal’s most experienced editors (both British and Russian) to show the audience how to write about local music and creativity for the international audience.

The workshop looks at the examples of The Calvert Journal’s award-winning multimedia reports to demonstrate how to make the best use of new technology, social platforms and digital sources. The workshop will be held in Russian and English.

The masterclass format

There will be two lectures in this masterclass as well as an interactive workshop where participants will be asked to collaborate on pitching their own ideas before presenting them back to the group. The masterclass will take up to 3 hours. Topics covered during the masterclass will include:

  • How has music journalism changed in the last few years and what does its future hold?
  • How to cover foreign music for an international audience?
  • What are the best tools to write about music in a digital environment?
  • How to gather insight for a successful pitch and then turn it into a feature?

The course is created for:

  • Aspiring music journalists who want to learn the most effective ways
    to write features and tell stories in the digital age
  • For experienced print and online journalists who want to expand their
    digital skillset


Registration is required via the following online form.




Igor Zinatulin[RU]

Igor Zinatulin is a head of strategy at Calvert 22 Foundation which runs its own gallery in East London and a handful of ground-breaking media and research programmes. He contributes to the Guardian, GQ and Vice.

Arthur House[UK]

Arthur House is deputy editor of The Calvert Journal and founding editor of online quarterly The Junket. He was previously a journalist at The Telegraph 

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